Multi-Zone Amplifier Unit


Advanced Multi-Zone CLASS-D Amplifier platform, powered by Texas Instruments PurePath™ technology

Integration Ready

Equipped with four independent zone outputs that will interface to most any application

Robust and Efficient

Designed to endure harsh environments, these amplifiers are suitable for rail, marine, bus, and other transit applications

Flexible Audio & Control Inputs

Provides state-of-the-art audio quality for any program material and will drive both 70V and direct connection loudspeaker loads.

Model Details & Features

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The MZA-7010 is the most advanced Multi-Zone Amplifier available on the market today. Designed for harsh environments with unfriendly electrical situations such as rail, marine, bus, and other transit applications, this industrial unit is ready for any public-address application and prepared to withstand the toughest challenges.

Built upon twenty years of successful deployments within the metropolitan transit space, this next generation digital device brings your installation or application up to the 21st century with a fully forward-looking, yet backward-compatible solution.

A robust and efficient CLASS-D amplifier platform, powered by Texas Instruments PurePath™ technology, the MZA-7010 provides state-of-the-art audio quality for any program material and will drive both 70V and direct connection loudspeaker loads. With flexible audio and control inputs, it provides four independent zone outputs that will interface to most any application.

Built to last, it incorporates a well-defended wide-range DC input power system, over-engineered ESD protection on all connections, transformer input and output isolation for ground loop prevention, and is protected by an aluminum-alloy extruded enclosure that is IP67 rated and meets IEC 60068-2 environmental standards.

Advanced features include 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion, 32-bit digital signal processing, digital filtering, automatic adjustment of announcement level referenced to ambient noise, dynamic fault protection, and advanced diagnostics such as real-time signal level, supply voltage, supply current, and load impedance monitoring.

Equipped with advanced communications capabilities, the MZA-7010 includes a high speed Ethernet interface and Bluetooth 4.0 interface; both protected by industry standard encryption and advanced security measures. The Ethernet link can be used for control, diagnostics and streaming audio to the device. The Bluetooth interface securely connects to our configuration and diagnostics mobile application (iOS and Android platforms) for real time signal metering, control status reporting, dynamic level adjustment, loudspeaker configuration, and system diagnostics.

Rated Output Power:

Nominal: 60W
Maximum: 100W

Zone Outputs: 4 Total

Direct 4-16 Ohm: 2
70 V Line: 2

Frequency Response at Nominal Power:

±0.5dB: 70 Hz to 10 KHz
±1.0dB: 55 Hz to 15 kHz
±1.5dB: 45 Hz to 20 kHz

Distortion (THD):

< 0.05%

Signal to Noise Ratio at Nominal Power:

1KHz sine wave: >100dB

Secure Bluetooth Mobile Application:

iOS and Android Devices
Unit Configuration & Diagnostics


Encrypted Key Exchange
Re-programmable Keys

Telemetry and Control Functions:

Audio Level Meters
Zone Control and Feature Status
Power System Monitoring
Fault Indications

Dynamic Level Control

Digital IIR/FIR Filtering and Processing

Glitch-Free Signal Path Switching

Real-time System Signal Analysis

Streaming Audio Decoding

Load Impedance Monitoring

Wide-range DC Power Input

Automatic Level Adjusting:

Uses Loudspeakers as microphones
Adjustable 20 dB Range Control
Fixed Gain During Announcements

Outputs Adaptable to Loudspeaker Type

Passive Cooling

Remote Diagnostics

3-Axis MEMS Accelerometer

Event Logging / Audio Memory (64MB)

Software Updatable via Ethernet


9.4 x 12.7 in

9.4 x 8.3 x 4 in

Mono / Stereo Audio


MZA-7010 P

MZA-7010 H

Isolation Type

Input & Output

MZA-7010 P
Input & Output

MZA-7010 H
Input & Output

Output Transformers


MZA-7010 P

MZA-7010 H



MZA-7010 P

MZA-7010 H

Output Voltage

Z1 - 70v | Z2 - 70v
Z3 - 14v | Z4 - 14v

MZA-7010 P
Z1 - 70v | Z2 - 70v
Z3 - 14v | Z4 - 14v

MZA-7010 H
Z1 - 70v | Z2 - 70v
Z3 - 70v | Z4 - 70v



MZA-7010 P

MZA-7010 H

Output Short Circuit Protection

Fail-Safe Power Down under Fault Condition

Continuous Self-Diagnostics:

Wiring & Load Fault Detection
Load Impedance Monitoring
Power Rail Voltage and Current

AMP CPC 24 Pin Connector:

Power, Audio Signal, Control
Compatible with Legacy Wiring

10/100Base-T Ethernet:

M12 or RJ-45 Receptacle with Cover
AES 256 Bit Encryption
Control and Streaming Audio
Event Logging
Software Updates

Wireless Connectivity:

Bluetooth 4.0
Stealth and Secure Connectivity

LED Indicators:

Power, Status, Fault, Network, BLE Active

Extruded Aluminum Alloy Case:

Integral Thermal Management
IP67 Rating


Size: 9.4 x 4.0 x 12.7 inches
Weight: 12 lbs.


Flexible Slot and Hole Pattern

Ground Connection:

1/4-20 Stud

Operating / Storage:

Temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C
Humidity: 0 ~ 100% (Condensing)

Input Voltage Range for Rated Output:

DC Input: 24 VDC to 90 VDC

Lowest Operational Voltage:

DC Input: 12 VDC

Efficiency at Rated Output:

30-40 VDC: > 75%

Quiescent (Idle) Power: < 5W

Ground Isolation: 2000 V

Input protection and Reliability:

Conforms to EN50155 Standards

EMC Compatibility:

FCC Part 15C Certified


Meets IEC 60068-2 Standards

Quality Management:

Manufactured to ISO 9000 Standards