We’re Proud to Offer a Diverse Range of Services to Our Clients

Our Services

Our talented team offers our clients exceptional service & results for their products

Communication System Design

Need a better solution to existing integrated communication systems? Let New Potato help you create smarter control and sensing solutions.

Mobile & Connected App Development

Does your company need a new widget or piece of technology in order to make the business grow? New Potato can design and develop it for you.

Manufacturing and Supply Line Management

Are production problems cutting into your bottom line? New Potato can get it built and shipped fast.

Application Development

Need an app to better reach your audience or enhance your product? Let us design and develop a solution that meets your needs.

Product Development

Need help getting a new product idea working to take to market? Our team can assist you through the product development process.

Concept Prototyping & Realization

Got a great idea for a product, but need assistance in its creation? Our team can bring your idea from napkin ink to reality.

Technology Assessment

Need an expert to evaluate your systems efficiency? New Potato can reveal the full impact of technology for you.

Hard to Solve Problems

Need a piece of technology so complex you don't know where to turn? New Potato can build a lasting solution for your needs.

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